Luiz Centenaro

Luiz Centenaro is the Founder & President of eCommerce Cosmos, an eTail consulting firm that has worked with hundreds of eCommerce companies to mitigate shopping cart abandonment and increase customer lifetime value.

If You Aren’t A/B Testing Your ATC Buttons You’re Afraid Of The Truth

You have a great product; your price is competitive, customer service second to none. Yet you are wondering why your eCommerce store is converting only 1.2% of customers into buyers. You configured funnel visualization in your analytics and determined the most pressing problem. It’s your product page. 85% of your customers landing on product pages […]

Are You Chasing Your eCommerce Customers Away With Lousy Email Onboarding?

Have you ever received an email that frustrated you? You probably remember that bad experience and exactly who it was with. Onboarding new and potential customers with email is not as easy as you think. For eTailers struggling with customer acquisition a solid email strategy is key to retaining your current customers. Stop Chasing Start Nurturing Thus through much […]