eCommerce Email Marketing with BigCommerce

eCommerce Cosmos integrations with BigCommerce

Deliver the optimal experience to your eCommerce customer with personalized emails.

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What You Get With the eCommerce Cosmos & BigCommerce integration:

  • When an order is placed (includes total amount spent, any discounts or coupon codes that were applied)
  • Which Items are purchased, (includes quantity, total cost, pictures of products, product descriptions, and item categories purchased)
  • When Checkouts begin
  • When Checkouts are completed
  • Fulfilled orders
  • Cancelled orders

eCommerce emails you should be sending with BigCommerce

BigCommerce stores utilize eCommerce Cosmos to send triggered and behavioral email messages

      • Post-Purchase: Send a fun email to customers who previously purchased but haven’t ordered in 90 days
      • Abandoned Shopping Carts: Send a crafty email to bring consumers back to the shopping cart
      • Up-Selling Accessories and Related Products: Deliver targeted emails to customer segments based on previous purchase history.
      • Offers: We focus on content based emails but a well timed offer to the right customer segment works wonders
      • Order fulfillment: Don’t miss opportunities to email customers with tracking info, item care and FAQ and, requests for reviews, and social interaction
      • Customer Segments and User Profiles: Discover your BigCommerce data and learn key factors about your customers buying behaviors.