Cosmos Cart Recovery Email Campaign

The biggest challenge for eTailers is finding an effective method to turn their eCommerce customers into lifelong buyers. It’s much harder to find a new customer than it is to nurture your current customers into lifelong buyers but many companies fail to generate repeat business. Our flagship program is designed to convert sales you didn’t even know about into revenue.

With shopping cart abandonment at an all time high of about 70%, billions of dollars are getting left behind as consumers get distracted and fail to complete their purchase.

We install a simple script on your eCommerce site that integrates with all major shopping carts and send a series of creative emails to your customers that has proven to deliver return on investment. The best part about it is you only pay for the revenue you recover.

Responsive Email Marketing

This is our double entendre service, responsive meaning we will send emails that are meant for consumption on mobile devices, including androids, iPhones, tablets, and iPads but also meaning responsive in behavior.

No two eCommerce companies are the same and neither are your customers. Nobody likes getting blasted so we focus on sending personalized messages based on behavior. Our belief is if a customer has been opening your emails for the last 6 months they should be treated differently than someone who opted into your campaign but has never engaged a single email. We will take demographics, behavior, location, to create custom tailored emails your eCommerce customers will love to share.

eCommerce Product Feed Building

The online environment for selling products has become extremely competitive. Building a product feed with all your eCommerce products will allow for you to easily upload your products to multiple networks, including Amazon, Google Shopping, and most major affiliate networks. We will create and maintain your product feed while giving you actionable advice on what networks you should submit your feed to.

For those with an adventurous spirit we are beta testing pushing products to consumers on mobile devices based on real data from your eCommerce product Feeds. If you are interested in becoming part of this Elite group of beta testers you can sign up here.

eCommerce Shopping Cart Integrations

Your revenue is tied to analytics thus we want to ensure complete transparency on our value added email services. We will integrate with all major eCommerce shopping carts and we tag all of our campaigns with Google Universal Analytics allowing you to see exactly how our services are performing.