Jan 25

Using an eCommerce Content Calendar To Drive Tons of Organic Leads To Your Store

By Using an eCommerce Content Calendar you can develop a weekly posting cadence, attracting thousands of potential customers to your site without having to pay for advertising.


In this video you’ll learn how to take a 400 word blog post and turn it into an EPIC shareable piece of eCommerce content.

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Use a weekly content calendar, you can also download a GREAT template by Early Bird Strategy for $24.00.
  2. How to discover pictures to make your content appealing and attractive. (hint, nobody is reading your posts word for word!)
  3. How to publish on your Shopify Blog (it’s slightly different for every theme) But we’ll cover adding ALT Text, interlinking and adding a Call to Action to the bottom of your post.

This is a rough version that will be refined later so pause the steps you need to take more time on and fast forward on the parts you already know.

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