eCommerce Website Audits & Strategy Implementation

eCommerce websites don’t magically see 6 figure sales every month. It takes a foundation and a digital presence that not only attracts new customers but also encourages life long customers to become part of your mission.

At eCommerce Cosmos we love helping build lifelong brands that will succeed for generations to come. This all starts with an eCommerce vision, a differentiating factor, your unique value proposition, something you do better than anyone else in your industry or niche. Whether it’s passion, price, perseverance, we help you identify it and sell it.

Sure we can do a 10 minute video audit for $500 and give you some key insights on how to improve your website.

This website review above for the brand Thuggies helped them improve their website and sales for years ahead.

ecommerce cosmos testimonial
If you don’t have a large team, no matter how much information we give, executing is going to be the number one problem. Our eCommerce audits include a comprehensive plan and implementation.

From over a decade in the industry below are the services you’ll see the most ROI from.

Commerce Growth Package #1:

eCommerce Email Automation: $12,500 + Software costs we use Klaviyo and/or Mailchimp.


3 Cart Abandonment Emails with A/B tests and 12 months of service.

We’ll create and A/B test a series of 3 cart abandonment emails, testing important variables including:

Abandoned Cart eCommerce AB test

2 Product Review Emails with A/B tests and 12 months of service.

Product review emails are essential in building up your ratings and reviews. There are companies that base their entire business on product reviews… they charge $20,000+ a year to populate reviews across your site but you don’t actually OWN those reviews.

Start building your own review program and learn how to incentive your verified customers to leave honest product reviews.

product review email flow

Not only will reviews be a goldmine for your content, they also help tons with SEO which we’ll talk more about in the eCommerce SEO audit.

But when you have star ratings appear in the Google SERPS your click through as position 2 is higher than position 1.

star rating product reviews

3 Lifecycle Emails with A/B tests and 12 months of service.

Lifecycle emails are the “life” of your business and how you scale eCommerce. Paying $20-$100 to acquire a new customer isn’t sustainable if you can’t get those same customers to make repeat purchases from you.

With lifecycle emails you send the right customers the right email at the right time to encourage repeat business. One of the best ways to do this is through a loyalty program which we’ll talk about more below.

loyalty email stats2 Custom Emails Catered around your unique brand and chosen by you

We’ll do something rad that is unique for your brand. Something nobody else has. Wether it’s implementing a strategy to acquire valuable user generated content or crafting a piece of content that’s going to generate repeat sales we’ll help you succeed with eCommerce email automation.

ecommerce email automation

eCommerce Growth Package Service #2:

eCommerce SEO Audit: $4,500

Our eCommerce audits combine high level strategy with actionable tasks that will get you better organic rankings which = more qualified traffic and more qualified customers.

After we learn about your goals and your business objectives. We’ll perform

  • eCommerce Keyword Analysis
  • eCommerce Competitor Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • eCommerce Page Level Analysis (Home Page, Category Pages, Product Pages, FAQs)
  • Content Analysis
  • eCommerce UX Analysis
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Citation Analysis

ecommerce seo audit

To implement the strategy within our eCommerce audit the cost is $1,500 monthly for minimum of 120 days. 

eCommerce Growth Package #3:

eCommerce Loyalty Program Implementation: $10,000 + Software costs

Increasing customer lifetime value is a constant battle, because these customer’s ain’t loyal.

Can you blame them? As a customer you want the best product at the best price and you want it on your doorstep in 48 hours.

Thank Amazon for that.

Amazon has an incredible customer loyalty program set up with Amazon Prime, yet… customers are willing to shop outside Amazon with stores they trust and feel brand loyalty towards.

ecommerce loyalty program

Loyalty isn’t built overnight but adding a loyalty program into the mix is the first step. By integrating an eCommerce loyalty program on your store, you’ll not only convert first time shoppers faster, you’ll also create lasting relationships encouraging repeat buyers through gamification.

loyalty program ecommerce Setting up a loyalty program the right way takes a lot of work and though and we’ll help you come up with a creative strategy that works for your eCommerce store.
loyalty lion

eCommerce Growth Package #4:

eCommerce Growth Package #5 eCommerce Product Feed Implementation + Feed Management $2,500 + Software Costs

If you don’t have a product feed we’ll help you create one. Our eCommerce product feeds will help you scale across multiple marketplaces.

google shopping ecommerce product feed

In addition to the major names we’ll get your feed ready for hundreds of marketplaces, and help you implement inventory management solutions so you can develop a multi channel strategy effectively while delivering a superior customer experience across all of them.

Our eCommerce product feeds will work on all the marketplaces below:

  • PriceRunner
  • Walmart
  • Performics
  • ShopAdvisor
  • Pricegrabber
  • Connexity
  • Affiliate Window
  • Wine Access
  • Rakuten
  • One Way Shopping
  • Google Shopping
  • Amazon
  • Become
  • ShopRunner
  • RedLaser
  • Pepperjam
  • Sears Marketplace
  • eBay
  • EBates
  • Share A Sale
  • SortPrice
  • Kelkoo
  • TheDressSpot
  • Polyvore
  • Pricefalls
  • Shopzilla
  • Purch
  • Bazaar Voice
  • Wayfair
  • Yahoo Gemini
  • Nextag
  • Wine Searcher
    eBay Commerce Network
  • Clix Galore
  • Pinterest
  • NewEgg
  • Shopsavvy
  • Bing Shopping
  • ShopMania
  • Commission Junction
  • Webgains
  • Link Connector
  • Wine Zap
  • Pronto
  • MyCoupons
  • Avant Link
  • Wish
  • Affiliate Future
  • Google Remarketing
  • Houzz
  • Facebook Dynamic Ads
  • Rakuten Linkshare
  • uGiftideas
  • Shoppable
  • Alibaba
  • Buzzillions
  • Fancy
  • ShopStyle

Creating and maintaining your feed is just part of the puzzle, unless you’ve run successful Google Adwords, Remarketing and Google Shopping campaigns for eCommerce before, you’ll want to hire an eCommerce SEM expert.

eCommerce Growth Package #5

eGoogle Shopping, Product Listing Ads (PLAs) management: $1000-$10,000/month

Google Shopping has come to dominate the Google Search results. Gone are the days where you could bank on organic traffic. Most people don’t even know they are clicking on advertisements because Google has gotten so sneaky in hiding them.

google shopping dominates search engine

When searching for “best dog food” the entire above the fold section is composed of advertisements. You have to pay to play to appear on Google now.

Our experts understand how to make the most money from your eCommerce product feed, and make the most out of your budget so you can complete with the PetSmarts of your industry.

eCommerce Growth Package Service #6:

Conversion Rate Optimization Integration, CRO Roadmap Creation, On Demand Testing Team: $12,500 + Software Costs.

We’ll set you up with the best eCommerce A/B testing software and develop a conversion optimization strategy for you to execute on. We’ll even set up your first 3 experiments with at least 2 variations in each.

With your roadmap and new software you’ll be able to increase that conversion rate and generate thousands of dollars a month.

ecommerce AB testingDoing some quick math, if you get 100,000 unique visitors a month with an average order value of $120 and an average conversion of 1% you generate 120,000 in revenue.

Raise that conversion rate by 15% (We’ve raised conversions by 400% on some sites) but let’s be conservative with a 15% increase in conversions.

ecommerce AB testing

Thus traffic remains 100,000 unique monthly visitors, with an average order value of 120% and a conversion rate of 1.15%, 120,000 turns into 180,000.

60k more revenue without paying for more traffic. 1 successful experiment typically pays for a year of A/B testing.

Ready to start growing your eCommerce store? Contact us today.

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