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Increasing your eCommerce Store’s Brand Awareness

Increasing your eCommerce store’s Brand Awareness online is easier than you think. Through Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing practices, any brand can successfully establish itself and compete. After consulting with companies we found that a majority are reluctant to embrace our techniques for fear of not seeing a meaningful return.  Because MA is fairly new, companies are reluctant to adopt it and most fail to see the value adding the customer receives.

Nurturing eCommerce Customers

Marketing Automation involves interacting with customers based on user-unique online behavior.  MA integration allows marketers to identify leads based on their position in the buying cycle. As such a more efficient lead nurturing process is created.  A customer that spends 30 seconds on your website should not receive the same email campaign as one that has spent hours on your site.

The same rings true when two customers are searching for different products. So why not do more to increase brand awareness and establish email drip campaigns based on consumer need. Inbound Marketing begins with creating great content.

Education Based Brand Awareness

As a company, it is your job to educate the consumer about your product or service offering. According to Social Media Today, 70% of consumers learn about a company through articles rather than ads.  Do you want a third party educating your customers about your products or services?  Creating a blog not only drives traffic back to a website, but it establishes an online authority for a brand. This results in an increase in perceived value by the customer. At the same time, 67% of online searches begin on Google which makes understanding SEO a priority. Anyone not utilizing SEO with their blogging cannot be serious about increasing Brand Awareness.

Free Publicity

Where social media comes into effect is increasing touchpoints with customers, resulting in an increase in Brand Awareness. Yet most companies we work with were not active on Google+, Pinterest, or Tumblr. According to Trendstream, a UK market research firm, Google+ is now the second largest social network in terms of active users. Pinterest and Tumblr are the fastest growing social networks from 2012-13.

Marketers should also take advantage of other Inbound Marketing practices in order to increase Brand Awareness.  These can include: White Papers, eBooks, Infographics, Case Studies, Podcasts and Youtube Videos.  Sprinkle these periodically with your other marketing efforts, for a better customer experience.

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