Magento eCommerce Email Marketing

eCommerce Cosmos integrations with Magento

Deliver a superior experience from your Magento eCommerce store by sending 1 to 1 emails to your customers. shopping cart abandonment magento ecommerce

Magento Behavioral Email Marketing

  • Track all the juicy details when an order is placed, get insight on total amount spent or if any discounts were applied.
  • What are your customers buying, by creating dynamic tags with product pictures.
  • Checkout Start, Checkout Complete and where your customers are abandoning their carts
  • Fulfilled orders/Cancelled Orders

eCommerce emails you should be sending with Magento

  • Post-Purchase: Send a fun email to customers who previously purchased but haven’t ordered in 120 days
  • Abandoned Shopping Carts: You need to get crafty to bring consumers back to the shopping cart
  • Promo Offers: Deliver Value with quality content based emails the well timed offer will present itself
  • Order fulfillment: This is your time to shine and brand your company through email
  • 1 to 1 Conversations: Analyze your Magento data and learn who your best and most profitable customers are